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Finding the funny in our messy world through satire, sketches and original pilots


Molly is a comedy writer, performer and director. Her short comedic film, Boy Genius, which she wrote and starred in with Becca Roth was an official selection of the Women in Comedy Festival. Eggs for Sale, Molly's sketch show about the lives of millennial women with Ariel Karlin, played to sold out crowds during a run at the UCB Theatre. She and Ariel have also turned their sketches into digital videos for Refinery29's RIOT comedy channel. Molly wrote for the Sketch Team Pretty Boys and played the lovable overgrown orphan Lady Carrot in Hint: A Murder Mystery at UCB directed by Will Storie.


When she's not writing and performing sketch, she's directing and acting with Story Pirates, an incredible organization that brings stories written by kids to life onstage. Molly has taught sketch writing at UCB and has studied sketch and improv at UCB, The PIT, Second City and ImprovBoston. Her writing has been used by several well-known brands and has appeared on humor websites including McSweeney's, Reductress , Points in Case and The Belladonna. Her last name is pronounced "Kahn," which no one ever expects.

Image by Berkay Gumustekin

I Am The Dog In This

Not-So-Subtly Christian Movie

II call dog biscuits, “good-doggies.” And once when I saw a mutt who was living on the street, I gave her my good-doggie and said the memorable puppy phrase, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

American Girl Image.jpeg

Meet Olivia!

The COVID-19-Era American Girl Doll

The 'Olivia at School' set includes a login for Google Classroom and the old family iPad that won’t hold a charge and needs to be plugged in to work.

Menstrual Cup

“I just thought, why should my money line the pockets of big Diva when I can do this myself?”


Humor & Satire


121615_ArielKarlin_MollyCahen_2573 (2).j

Eggs for Sale

This is a sketch show about every millennial girl who has been told by trend pieces that she talks wrong, has sex wrong, feels about her body wrong and is a feminist wrong. Oops, sorry, not girls—women. This is a sketch show about millennial women who do everything wrong.

Written by Molly Cahen & Ariel Karlin. Directed by Karin Hammerberg. Eggs for Sale played to sold out crowds at the UCB Theatre and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. 


Boy Genius

Jason Fleishman invites audiences to a look inside the brilliant mind of self-proclaimed auteur Jason Fleishman as he directs his debut short film, Betrayed, starring Jason Fleishman.

This mockumentary short was written and created by Molly Cahen & Becca Roth. Molly stars as Jason Fleishman and the film was an official selection of The Women in Comedy Festival, The Bushwick Film Festival and The Southern States Indie FanFilmFest.



Reach out to Molly to talk about projects, collaborating  or Disneyland (or...anything else).

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